Welcome to PEAK’s volunteer and service project idea portal, PEAK Waypoint!

Do you have an idea for a volunteer or service project to help our community?  Let us know via the form below, and after review* we will help connect you with the resources you need to help you make your vision a reality!

PEAKing for Kingsport Contact Form


The PEAK board will review all submissions which are received.  In order for an idea to be accepted and receive potential support from PEAK, the idea must meet the following qualifications:

Not conflict with the Mission and Vision of PEAK;

Not be directly or indirectly disadvantageous to Kingsport, either intentionally or unintentionally;

Not conflict with any projects currently under development by the City of Kingsport, the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Kingsport Association, or any other entity which provides financial or other support to PEAK;

Not be discriminatory in nature, either intentionally or unintentionally.

In addition, please note the following:

Priority will be given to the ideas of PEAK Members, with remaining resources provided to non-members.

PEAK possesses limited resources and therefore cannot guarantee that it can support all ideas submitted, even those which the PEAK Board accepts as valid submissions.  PEAK also cannot promise that it can meet all or even a portion of the needs required for an idea.

PEAK reserves the right to refuse any submission.  PEAK may, at its discretion, explain why an idea was rejected, but reserves the right to withhold such information from the submitter.