“What are we going to do this weekend?”  It’s a common question, one which PEAK member Jeremiah Clark has set out to tackle via TripAWeek, a new online service which will be launching in the near future.

The premise is simple.  Sign up online and each Thursday you will receive an email listing three activities and two restaurants in a city within a few hours’ drive of your zip code.

“It’s easy to simply visit the same places you always go to,” says Jeremiah.  “And with busy schedules you often don’t have time to go researching destination ideas on your own.  TripAWeek solves this problem.”

Part of the appeal of TripAWeek also lies in the unknown, Jeremiah claims.  “Humans are explorers.  We want to go and see and experience new things.  You may receive your weekly TripAWeek email and learn about a small community you’ve never heard of.  Even if you then arrive at your destination and discover something there you would rather do than what was suggested in your email, it’s still a win for you as you have found something new.”

Acknowledging that weather and different time periods may be more conducive to some activities than others, TripAWeek allows users to log back into their account to see every past recommendation made to them.  That way for example, should an outdoor activity be suggested but a surprise rainstorm shows up that weekend, you can easily go back and reference that week’s suggestion in the future.

“And this is just a start,” says Jeremiah.  “Moving forward we will continue to update and improve the functionality of TripAWeek.”

TripAWeek will launch this summer at a monthly cost of $7, less than $2 per weekly trip.  However, early access is being provided to existing members of PEAK with the opportunity to convert to a permanent free account at launch.  Simply comment below or shoot us an email and PEAK will notify you with instructions on how to get started using TripAWeek for free.