Meet the Candidate – Jennifer Adler

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What is your profession & background?
Assistant Director of the Roan Scholars Leadership Program at East Tennessee State University

Why are you running for Alderman?
I am running for Alderman to help ensure that Kingsport is the best place possible for our next generation, particularly in terms of the education our children receive, the community in which those children grow up, and, eventually, the job opportunities they have. The vision and work of countless citizens has created our city today; as we embark on Kingsport’s next 100 years, we need a new generation of engaged public servants committed to seeing it flourish.

Why are you positive about Kingsport’s future?
I am positive about Kingsport’s future because of our people. We have so many dedicated and passionate community members who believe in Kingsport. I am also positive because of our unique resources—particularly economic, natural, and educational—that can be leveraged for strategic growth and development. And I am positive about the future because of our past; our history as the “model city” both describes our beginnings and provides a goal for the future.

What will you do to make Kingsport even more attractive to a Young Professional?
I will support the OneKingsport objectives, including continued development of entertainment, retail, and housing options. I will also advocate economic growth strategies that foster and support young entrepreneurs and innovators. And I will share the story of why Kingsport is already a great choice for young professionals, including its strong network of other young professionals who believe in this city. We chose Kingsport – and I want other young professionals to make that choice, too.

Learn more about Jennifer by visiting the Adler for Alderman website or Facebook page.