Meet the Candidate – Joe Begley

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What is your profession & background?
Real estate broker and MBA from Wake Forest University

Why are you running for Alderman?
I want to push the City and Board to be better. Kingsport needs to be more than mediocre. We need to be innovative and ahead of the curve.

Why are you positive about Kingsport’s future?
We have great education, great community involvement, outstanding safety and beautiful natural resources. The young people we have currently are ambitious and want to contribute. We currently have a stable job market but we need to diversify the job market. We need to do everything in our power to bring small to medium sized businesses to the area.

What will you do to make Kingsport even more attractive to a Young Professional?
Unfortunately, we are a city with older demographics. It’s hard to bring young folks consistently to Kingsport without a mass of other young folks. We can continue to hold the concerts, festivals and events but at the end of the day our city sleeps at 9. Additionally, we get many of the young folks back when they start having a family and that’s not so bad.


Learn more about Joe by visiting the Joe Begley for Alderman Facebook page.