Meet the Candidate –┬áMark Vicars Jr.

PEAK Candidate Header_Vicars

What is your profession & background?
I started my own business at the age of 18, which I recently sold to pursue my dream of being an educator. Currently, I am a student at Northeast State Community College, pursuing a degree in History with a double minor in Economics and Secondary Education.

I am currently engaged to a fellow dog lover. My little family means the world to me. I enjoy the outdoors, sports, and board games of all kinds.

Why are you running for Alderman?
As a lifelong resident of Kingsport, I am passionate about this city. I believe city government should exist to enrich the lives of its citizens, rather than tax them solely for the sake of revenue. Our city government needs to start living up to its word, and stop making empty promises. As someone preparing to enter the education field, the city should continue to make efforts to support education on all levels, while also striving to help all Kingsport citizens, in all their communities. I believe it is long overdue for a fresh voice and perspective to come to Kingsport government.

Why are you positive about Kingsport’s future?
I am positive about Kingsport’s future because I see more people trying to make a change in the community. I may not always agree, but if somebody is doing what they think it right to help the community I will try my best to understand their point of view.

What will you do to make Kingsport even more attractive to a Young Professional?
I would love to start a community park system that way every community has a meeting point so they can get to know their neighbors. I would also love to diversify the local economy for a better tomorrow.

Learn more about Mark by visiting the Vote Vicars website and Facebook page.