Meet the Candidate – Rack Cross

PEAK Candidate Header_Cross

What is your profession & background?
I am retired from the City of Kingsport Administration.  My work experience has an emphasis in Public Safety, Housing, and Livability.

Why are you running for Alderman?
I am running for the position of Kingsport Alderman because I am passionate about cultivating progress in my community and as a mechanism to effectively promote Kingsport as the wonderful place that it is while continuing to recruit and retain entrepreneurs, businesses, residents and visitors with creative partnerships including development and implementation of livability features that yield economic growth from an outdoor recreation and entertainment platform.

Why are you positive about Kingsport’s future?
Kingsport is a great place. I am positive about the future of Kingsport because I am closely connected to our community with members that are engaged in the active pursuit of community progress. Our combined efforts are producing consistent wins and our unwavering desire to continue has brought focused and achievable goals that when met will exhibit significant net growth on several fronts.  Kingsport is responding with spirited resilience to an era of significant change.

What will you do to make Kingsport even more attractive to a Young Professional?
I will employ every resource available and seek potential resources to invest in Kingsport to make her even more attractive to young professionals who represent not only the future of our city but in a very tangible way, Kingsport now. Key points in my campaign platform include economic and population growth features fueled by outdoor recreation and entertainment venue developments.

Learn more about Rack by visiting the official Elect Rack Cross website.