Meet the Candidate – Tom Parham

PEAK Candidate Header_Parham

What is your profession & background?
I was educated in Kingsport and graduated from ETSU with a degree in finance.  I did graduate work at Emory University and UT.  I retired from Tennessee Eastman after nearly four decades of working in a variety of management positions.  In addition, I have spent more than 40 years in public service in my church, Boy Scouts, YMCA, Greenbelt Committee, NETWORKS, and many others.  I am currently president of PETWORKS, our regional animal shelter.  I have been on the BMA for eight years.

Why are you running for Alderman?
I enjoy being active in City Government, and feel I am making a positive difference.  I’m proud of the accomplishments we’ve achieved during my time on the board, and want to see some current projects, most notably the construction of the animal shelter, to completion.  I feel that my knowledge and experience are an asset to the board.  It is very important that we continue on a progressive path.

Why are you positive about Kingsport’s future?
I’m excited about Kingsport’s future!  We currently have the lowest cost, lowest debt city in the region, with the highest bond rating.  Our schools consistently have excellent ratings, we have wonderful opportunities for higher education and workforce development in a wide variety of fields that lead to high paying jobs, and, through NETWORKS, we have added 1500 new jobs this year.  We are seeking growth in housing, and this growth will provide more jobs.

What will you do to make Kingsport even more attractive to a Young Professional?
I believe that we should ensure that opportunities for involvement are available to Young Professionals, whether that’s on committees, as an appointed position, or in elected office.  Attractive housing, whether rental, new homes or renovated properties is vital.  Recreation opportunities, such as sports, the Greenbelt, cycling trails, Bays Mountain, and the Riverfront need to be maintained or expanded.  Our arts and entertainment activities, as well as dining options, need continual attention and investment.

Learn more about Tom by visiting the Tom Parham for Alderman website.