Leadership Kingsport

If I mentioned that you could participate in a world-class, nine-month long leadership program here in Kingsport, what would your first thought be?  “Leadership… that doesn’t sound fun…”, or perhaps “I don’t think I’m qualified for that…”, or maybe even “That could be neat, but I don’t have time right now…”.   Well, if you had any of those or similar thoughts, I’m here to tell you:

Leadership IS fun, you ARE qualified, and trust me that you HAVE TIME to participate in Leadership Kingsport, our region’s premier leadership program brought to you by the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce. “But spending hours in a classroom learning leadership sounds boring,” you might say.  Or possibly, “I already know everyone who is everyone in our community; I don’t need to meet anyone else.”  Again, I defer you to the word, “Wrong.”

Why do I say this?  Because what if I told you that in Leadership Kingsport you might just:

  • Make friends with the most amazing people that you didn’t even realize were missing from your life,
  • Travel to Nashville and meet the governor and our other local legislatures (oh, and catch a Predators game too),
  • Meet famous individuals like Frank Abagnale (a.k.a. the guy Leonardo DiCaprio played in Catch Me if You Can),
  • Ride over a mountain in a fast, open, and unflippable vehicle called a Unimog,
  • Learn the secrets behind the strengths that make you who you uniquely are,
  • Create amazing proposals for community organizations to radically transform our region for the better,
  • Go shopping for kids in need to make sure they have the best Christmas ever,
  • Find your zen as you practice Karate,
  • Tap into your inner Bob Ross and get busy painting,
  • Escape an escape room (maybe in record time too; you are leaders after all!),
  • And a host of other things that I can’t share online but that you don’t want to miss!

So here’s the catch: the applications for the 2019 Leadership Kingsport class are due on May 25th!  I strongly urge anyone reading this to click the link below to read more about Leadership Kingsport, and the click the link on that page (or the second link below) to fill out the application now!  You don’t want to miss this!

(But, if you are reading this post May 25 2018, don’t cry; just be on the lookout next May (or the next…) for another chance to apply).

Special shout-out to the 2018 Leadership Kingsport graduates who are also members of PEAK (from the title screenshot above): Ashley Cooper, Tina Radtke, Tim Story, Katie Steffen, Emma Clark, Jeremiah Clark, and Thomas Arbaugh!

Leadership Kingsport Website: http://www.kingsportchamber.org/pages/LeadershipKingsport

Application: http://www.kingsporttn.gov/files/default/Leadership_Kingsport_Application.pdf

jeremiah Jeremiah Clark, M.A., is a healthcare IT consultant with six Epic Systems certifications.  He is also the co-owner of Appalachian Digital, a website development agency.  You can contact Jeremiah at JeremiahSethClark@Outlook.com or connect with him on LinkedIn at Jeremiah Clark.