Rest is a necessary component of life.  While we may sometimes deny it and instead try to push forward in the name of productivity, experts and even common sense tells us that we all need time to rest.  Numerous books have been written explaining how the human body weakens without proper time to rest, and that productivity actually increases when we take time regularly to rest.

When it comes to resting, we often unknowingly have in our possession an instrument which can actually make it difficult to rest: our cell phones.  While it is true that cell phones can be used for recreational purposes, whether for gaming or taking pictures with friends, our phones are often a link to our work and business and environments.  While you may not realize it, this means that you are never truly “out of the office.”  Instead, you become accustomed to having your clients, employees, or prospects being able to call you at most any time.  And while you may think that you can simply ignore your phone when you need to, chances are that you will likely still check it frequently, just to make sure that someone has tried to reach you.

So today I would like to challenge you to do one thing.  Just one simple “life hack” that experts suggest will aid you in taking time to rest.  Ready?  Here it is:

Turn your phone off.

Trust me, I heard the “No!” that your mind just shouted at this suggestion.  The first time I ever heard this idea, I confess that I actually laughed out loud at the idea.  “Who has time to turn their phone off?” was my response.  After all, what if your clients try to call you?  Or your prospects, your boss, or your employees?  What if someone sends me an email?  We all know that the whole world would end if they couldn’t get ahold of you, so why take such a risk?

But here’s the truth: the world won’t end if you can’t be reached 24/7.  And as mentioned earlier, if your phone is on then the temptation to check it will be there.  So turn your phone off for a while.  It doesn’t even have to be for long.  Maybe just for an hour while you have dinner.  Or for a few hours on the weekend while you spend time outdoors.  And don’t forget the best scenario: turn your phone off while on vacation.  Doing so will cement in subconscious that you are “out of the office” for that period of time, and you will be amazed at how much more you will relax knowing that you can’t be reached.



Jeremiah Clark, M.A., is a healthcare IT consultant with six Epic Systems certifications. He is also
a partner at Appalachian Digital, a local web development agency, and a founding partner of
MHQC LLC Real Estate Development. He and his wife Erin are natives of Kingsport, TN.